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Cornerstone provides a wide variety of services to serve people with disabilities.
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Employment Services
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Residential Services
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Behavioral Health
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Employment Services


Helping people get and maintain employment in the community is a primary goal of our Employment Services program. To achieve success, we use the following:

Career Counseling
We can help you develop a clear vision of your preferred employment future.
We'll keep it simple, establishing the steps needed to get started and providing support along the way.

Once started, we'll help you use helpful tools and techniques like interest inventories, skills review, resume and cover-letter development, barrier identification and planning, situational practice and feedback sessions, motivation and encouragement, and role-play experiences.

Job Development
We'll use all the resources at our disposal to research local businesses and find job leads that are a good fit for you, from full-time work with benefits to a few hours per week. In some cases you can even try out a job to see if it is a good match for you before actually applying for that type of work.

We have offices in Joliet and Kankakee, but serve many surrounding communities. We can also assist in securing public or private transportation if needed.

We'll help you compose a compelling resume and submit applications. You'll even be able to practice the interview process so when an opportunity is there, you'll be comfortable and ready for it.

Job Coaching
You won't struggle alone to do well at your job.

We can help you be your best by offering the support of a personal job coach.

We'll spend time with you at your workplace to help you become more familiar with your job duties. This helps to build proficiency over time, which in turn will boost the confidence of both you and your employer. We may also help with training or identifying possible job accommodations, which may make previously-challenging tasks easier to accomplish.

Services available in greater Will and Kankakee Counties.
For more information about receiving employment services from Cornerstone, call 815.727.6665

Residential Services

Adult Residential Services
Learn, work and grow with caring support.

We encourage independence and choice with a generous helping of guidance along the way. With the help of staff, residents learn to use community resources, including public transportation. Professional psychiatry, counseling, dietary, behavior analysis, and basic nursing services are part of the program. Additional services include employment and community services.

Some live in group homes with 24-hour staff supervision; others live independently, receiving staff assistance with budgeting, shopping, and meal preparation.

In the evening and on weekends, residents may choose to participate in Special Olympics, arts and crafts, or cooking classes. Many residents enjoy volunteering for other community organizations.

Residents in our group homes receive careful supervision from qualified Cornerstone employees. They may learn daily living skills like cooking, keeping their home clean, and doing laundry. There's plenty of structured activity as well as leisure time.

Most residents spend their weekdays in one of Cornerstone's day programs where they can work, learn and grow.

All residents must be diagnosed with a developmental disability and qualify for funding through the Illinois Department of Human Services/Division of Developmental Disabilities. Cornerstone staff can assist individuals and their families with securing funding for residential services.

Services available in greater Will County.
For more information, please call Cornerstone’s Service Access Manager at 815.741.7033.

Children's Residential Services
Adolescence can be difficult for any young man, especially so for one with developmental disabilities. Cornerstone provides 24-hour supervised residential services to boys with developmental disabilities ages 14 to 21 to help with making the transition from adolescence into adulthood.

Personalized care and learning techniques help your child reach his fullest potential. The boys attend regular school during the day, but continue to grow when they get home, learning good hygiene, budgeting, laundry, home maintenance, and other skills. Each boy has his own bedroom.

It's not all work and no play. There are plenty of socialization activities both in-home and out in the community to enjoy. There are movie nights and dessert nights, visits to the YMCA, library, bowling, shopping and other outdoor activities. Throughout the year residents are invited to participate in seasonal activities such as going to the pumpkin farm, holiday parties and celebrations where family can join in for dinner and festivities. Parents and guardians are encouraged to visit their children as often as possible. Many residents go home with their families for weekends and holidays, as well as family vacations.

All these facets come together along with specialized services like behavior analysis/management, psychiatric services, and medical oversight for a holistic approach to your child's growth and well-being.

All residents must be diagnosed with a developmental disability and qualify for funding through the Illinois Department of Human Services/Division of Developmental Disabilities. Cornerstone staff can assist individuals and their families with securing funding for residential services.

Services available in greater Will County.
For more information, please call Cornerstone’s Service Access Manager at 815.741.7033.

Behavioral Health

  Cornerstone has been serving the mental health needs of the community since 1991. We pride ourselves in providing high quality, intensive mental health services to our most vulnerable citizens. Cornerstone’s behavioral health services are constantly growing and changing to meet the needs of our consumers. In 2016, we received a grant from SAMHSA to provide extensive mental health and substance use treatment services to community members.

In conjunction with treatment services, you'll have access to board-certified psychiatrists and psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners to provide treatment for you at our location, based on availability. This treatment includes a psychiatric evaluation and follow-up medication management, if needed.

Just as no two people are the same, no two paths to recovery are the same. We honor this by working with you to develop an individual recovery program plan, respecting your individual strengths, values and choices. Participation in treatment is not based on a set length of time, but is as short or as long as you need to find the path to recovery.

Because crises don't follow schedules, 24-hour crisis intervention services are available as well. A knowledgeable crisis counselor will be there for you--face to face during normal business hours or by phone after hours-- any time of day. If you are experiencing a psychiatric crisis, we will provide you the support you need to get through it.
You will be met with the utmost respect and compassion from all staff at Cornerstone. We strongly believe in the efficacy of evidence-based practices and infuse them throughout each of our services. Some of the evidence-based practices that you may receive include:
• Individual Placement and Support (IPS) employment services
• Wellness Recovery and Action Plan (WRAP) 12-week workshop
• Harm Reduction
• Seeking Safety and other trauma-informed services
• Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy

As a valued member of Cornerstone’s Behavioral Health programs, you will receive the following:

  • An assessment of strengths, needs, motivation and goals;
  • Individualized program plans that are adjusted to your needs throughout the program;
  • Coordinated Case Management including advocacy, linkage and referral to other needed services and resources;
  • Education and assistance to achieve recovery goals and maximize the use of community/personal supports;
  • Outreach and support to participate in the services desired;
  • Crisis intervention and stabilization, as needed;
  • Disability benefits counseling and SOAR Specialists;
  • Immediate referral to Cornerstone’s supported employment program (IPS) if you are interested in obtaining employment

Permanent Supportive Housing
You have a safe place to stay.

We can help you find and keep a place to live. If you are homeless with a serious mental illness or co-occurring substance use disorder, you may get help leasing an apartment or house in the Will County area. You will have the benefit of an evidence-based "Housing First" approach to supportive housing, which means that your housing is not contingent upon participation in services or maintaining your sobriety. In addition, you do not need an income to qualify for housing. Housing is your basic human right, and we are here to assist you in accessing and maintaining this critical need.

Once you choose a place to call your home, you will receive monthly home visits by a housing case manager who is there to ensure your basic needs are met. You will be offered budgeting services to help you pay your rent and case management services to assist you with advocacy and referrals. You will also have the benefit of an in-house eviction prevention specialist, as needed.
In addition to housing case management, you will be offered an array of housing support services, based on your need and preference. Your team of housing support staff are mental health professionals with training in Mental Health First Aid, Housing First, Harm Reduction, and other techniques to help you achieve your goals.

If you or someone you know is homeless with a serious mental illness, you may contact Cornerstone Services at 815.727.6667 and ask to have a Coordinated Assessment completed to determine if you are eligible for supportive housing. Your assessment will be entered in Will County’s Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) and an outreach specialist will follow up with you.

Special housing programs are available for Veterans of the United States Armed Forces and individuals with an HIV or AIDS diagnosis. We also have two supervised residential group homes for men with mental illness and are a Williams Class Member provider. You may request more information about these special housing services.

Cornerstone Services is a member of the Will County Continuum of Care. If you are homeless, but do not have a mental illness, you may visit the Will County Center for Community Concerns ( to inquire about other homeless programs and services.

Cornerstone partners with many landlords throughout the community to provide permanent supportive housing. Landlord relationships are essential to successful housing.
  Area Landlords are important partners.

Landlords are paid directly by Cornerstone ensuring that rent is paid in-full, on-time).

If you are a landlord or know one that might be interested in participating, please contact our Manager of Properties and Landlord Relations at 815.741.7016.

For more information on services, call 815.727.6667
Service available in greater Will and Kankakee Counties.

Outpatient Therapy Services
You have someone to talk to.

Outpatient Therapy provides adults who have a diagnosed mental health condition or co-occurring substance use disorder with therapy on a scheduled and ongoing basis.

As a consumer of these services, you will be able to meet with a qualified therapist on-site for individual and/or group therapy services. Sessions may address general symptoms or a specific problem such as low self-esteem, poor impulse control, depression, or unresolved trauma and grief. You may also have a case manager who advocates for you, and provides support services in your home and in the community, if you could benefit from that assistance.

Service available in greater Will and Kankakee Counties.

Group Sessions (PSR)
You will find support with others through shared experiences.

Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services (PSR) are available to adults with a serious mental illness in need of skill development and peer supports. Group sessions are held throughout the day to help strengthen independent living skills, manage the symptoms of mental illness and learn to access community resources that can further improve your quality of life.

This program includes social activities that help foster support among fellow participants.

PSR Services available in the greater Will and Kankakee County areas.
For more information, please call 815.727.6667

Co-Occurring Disorders Program
Co-Occurring Disorders program offers specialized substance use treatment for individuals who also face mental health issues. A combination of individual and group services is provided on an Outpatient (OP) and Intensive Outpatient (IOP) basis depending on individual need.

As a member of the Co-Occurring Disorders program, you will have a qualified counselor to work with individually on personal recovery goals. You will be an important part of a compassionate environment where best practices are integrated to help you achieve recovery. A variety of approaches are used to address topics related to recovery.

Co-Occurring Disorders program isavailable at our Joliet-Black Road location. We do not provide any DUI evaluations, DUI risk education or DUI intervention services.

For more information, please call 815.727.6667

While you do not need an income to qualify for housing, we do accept Medicaid insurance for all of our available treatment services. We also have a sliding fee scale for self-pay individuals. If you have questions about Medicaid eligibility or are interested in applying for Medicaid, please visit


Other Local Mental Health Resources

Illinois Department of Human Services, Division of Mental Health, Recovery and Empowerment Handbook.

Will County Crisis Line: or call 815-722-3344

National Alliance on Mental Illness for Will/Grundy Counties Resource Website:

Recovery is a process of change where one improves health and wellness, lives a self-directed life, and strives to reach one’s full potential. For more information, please call 815-727-6667

Community Services

  Learning, growing and exploring the community in a supportive environment.

Basic Skills Program
Adults with disabilities benefit from training in basic skills, personal enrichment, clubs and even earning a paycheck. The sky is truly the limit.

Our Basic Skills Program helps people develop to their fullest potential. It includes training in daily living skills, academics, arts and crafts, pre-vocational skills, behavior management, motor skills development and more!

Personal Enrichment Classes
Everyone has an opportunity to improve and thrive.
Our Personal Enrichment Program helps people with disabilities reach their fullest potential.

  ~Engaging classes like "Social Skills", "Getting Around the Community", "Music", "Science", "Art", "Going Green" and many more.
  ~Guest speakers visit from various businesses and organizations to talk about their jobs and duties.
  ~Fun clubs like "Sports Club", "Aktion Club", "Women's Hat Club" and "Men's Club".
  ~Outings and volunteer opportunities like visiting the horse farm, carnivals, museums, Joliet Hope Center, The Mission, etc;

Rights and Advocacy
We help individuals play a large role in rights and advocacy for people with disabilities. Throughout the year individuals take part in frequent conference calls with state officials or travel to Springfield to discuss new rules being proposed. We also support a Consumer Council, comprised of individuals elected by their peers in the program, which convenes regularly to address any concerns or opportunities.

Services are available in greater Will and Kankakee Counties.
To find out about qualifying for and enrolling in Cornerstone’s community services programs, please speak with the staff at Service of Will, Grundy and Kankakee Counties, Inc. They are the local screening agency for services related to individuals with developmental disabilities. You can call them at 815.741.0800.

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