About Cornerstone

We help people with disabilities to live and work in the community.

Specialized Services For Empowerment

Providing the support necessary for individuals with disabilities.

Since 1969, Cornerstone Services has been an advocate for people with disabilities in Joliet and greater Will County area. The agency is a recognized leader in providing the support necessary for individuals with disabilities to live and work in the community. In recent years, Cornerstone has expanded services to Kankakee County, as well.

Cornerstone is guided by the belief that people with disabilities are entitled to live in their own communities and make choices for themselves, like everybody else. To this end, Cornerstone employees provide specialized services that empower individuals with as much independence as possible. Some individuals may need a lot of help, while others may need just a little.

The agency’s dedicated staff helps people find and keep jobs, maintain stable housing, and learn to access public transportation and community resources. Group and individual counseling and therapy for mental health needs are also provided by Cornerstone professionals. The organization is guided by an all-volunteer board of directors and has fostered partnerships with other local service providers.

Our Mission

Cornerstone Services provides progressive, comprehensive services for people with disabilities, promoting choice, dignity and the opportunity to live and work in the community.

Guiding Principles and Values

Providing the opportunity to all individuals of choice, community inclusion, and advocacy from our staff.

To guide the agency toward the fulfillment of this mission, Cornerstone Services values:

Individual Choice, as evidenced by the belief that:

  • Individuals are treated with dignity and respect.
  • Individuals are offered a variety of choices as well as the supports necessary to make informed decisions.
  • Service plans developed with (not for) individuals lead to greater independence.
  • Service planning should always be driven by the individual served and his/her supporters.

Community Inclusion, as evidenced by the belief that:

  • Services are best when offered in typical community settings.
  • Services contribute to the ability of individuals to live and work as typical residents of the community.

An advocacy role for staff and volunteers, as evidenced by a commitment to:

  • Learn and practice skills necessary to act as advocates and teach individuals to advocate for themselves.
  • A “team approach” for delivery of services.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Statement: You Matter.

Cornerstone Services is dedicated to creating an environment that celebrates and encourages diversity in all of its forms. We are committed to fostering an inclusive community where all are appreciated and respected.

Our Core Values & Beliefs:

Social Justice
Everyone deserves access, equity, human rights and participation in the community.

Advocating for positive change through action with new ideas and thoughts.

World class service.

Demonstrate care, concern and empathy for all.

Dignity & Respect
Treat everyone as how you want to be treated.

Be truthful and transparent.

High performing teams communicate and work together as one.

Our Leaders

Administrative Officers

Ben Stortz photo

President & Chief Executive Officer

Ben Stortz

Vice-President & Chief Operating Officer

Kim Hudgens

Vice-President & Chief Financial Officer

Ken Mihelich

Susan Murphy photo

Vice-President & Chief Human Resources Officer

Susan Murphy

Vice-President &
Chief Development Officer

Michelle Allen

Board of Directors


John A. Kella

Judith A. Block

Chad Boden

Kendal Jackson

Vice Chairperson

Mindy Diaz

Alex Ledesma

Brad McCann

Mike Paone



Alexandra Benigni

Janet Shaw-Binns

Michelle Stiff 

Ericka Williams



Cornell Lurry

Honorary Board Members

Vincent A. Benigni

John R. Rogers