Employment Services

Helping people gain and maintain employment in the community.
Services available in Will, Kankakee, and southern Cook Counties

Many options to finding the perfect job for you.

Beginning with Career Counseling

We can help you develop a clear vision of your preferred employment future. We’ll keep it simple, establishing the steps needed to get started and providing support along the way. Once started, we’ll help you use helpful tools and techniques like interest inventories, skills review, resume and cover-letter development, barrier identification and planning, situational practice and feedback sessions, motivation and encouragement, and role-play experiences.

Job Development

We’ll use all the resources at our disposal to research local businesses and find job leads that are a good fit for you, from full-time work with benefits to a few hours per week. In some cases you can even try out a job to see if it is a good match for you before actually applying for that type of work.

We have offices in Joliet and Kankakee, but serve many surrounding communities. We can also assist in securing public or private transportation if needed. We’ll help you compose a compelling resume and submit applications. You’ll even be able to practice the interview process so when an opportunity is there, you’ll be comfortable and ready for it.

Job Coaching

You won’t struggle alone to do well at your job. We can help you be your best by offering the support of a personal job coach.

We’ll spend time with you at your workplace to help you become more familiar with your job duties. This helps to build proficiency over time, which in turn will boost the confidence of both you and your employer. We may also help with training or identifying possible job accommodations, which may make previously-challenging tasks easier to accomplish.

Services available in greater Will and Kankakee Counties. For more information about receiving employment services from Cornerstone, call 815.727.6665