Home-based Services

Cornerstone will come to you to meet your needs. Available in Will and Kankakee Counties.
For information, contact our Service Access manager at 815-741-7033

Services Without Walls

We want to partner with you to help you live the life you imagined—in the community, your way.

Our staff members can help in numerous areas.

Cornerstone can now deliver many services for you or your loved one right from your home! Even when the services require access to various community locations, we can begin your day in the comfort of your home.

Here are some examples of how we can work together. Our staff members can:

Help teach skills to support you and your family in reaching your goals.

  • Daily living skills, such as meal planning, cooking, bathing, dressing, personal hygiene
  • Household chores, such as bed-making, dusting and vacuuming, and doing laundry
  • Financial management, including budgeting skills
  • Companionship with a focus on inclusion in the community
  • Exploration of community employment, including training in skills for job seeking, contact with community employers, and support as needed to help with job retention
  • Transportation to medical appointments and other community resources
  • Accessing recreational opportunities in the community
  • Time for respite opportunities for family caregivers

Other professional services may be available and can be included, including:

  • Behavior Intervention and Treatment: services from specially trained behavior specialists to assist with management of problematic behaviors and to teach family members how to interact with these behaviors
  • Psychiatric intervention: services of a licensed psychiatric to diagnose and treat psychiatric disorders that may impede full community functioning

Help with navigating the complexities of the social service system and the home-based services system, including:

  • Meeting with Independent Service Coordination staff to assist with person-centered plan development
  • The completion, management, and modification of the home-based services agreement
  • Managing your monthly home-based services budget
  • Preparing requests for specialized services, such as requests for adaptive equipment, assistive technology, home and vehicle modifications, various therapies, etc.
  • Developing and managing relationships with various community providers, such as medical providers, housing providers, banks, pharmacies, and attorneys
  • Understanding what government resources you may be entitled to, and advocate on your behalf with the ISC for application for those resources

Getting to Know You

When you first began considering services for your family, you were perhaps introduced to a representative of your local Independent Service Coordination (ISC) agency. This is the person who will guide you through the process of planning for your services and the agreement that will guide your services in the future. Once you have your initial person-centered plan developed, your ISC representative may refer you to Cornerstone Services, as well as other providers, based on our ability to meet your service needs. If you choose Cornerstone (and we really hope you will!) we will begin to develop strategies with you to meet your service needs. These strategies will form the basis of your relationship with us, and will help us estimate the hours of service that will be needed to meet your needs. These hours will then be translated into an agreement that will specify the type of service to be provided and the number of hours per month that the services will be available. Of course, as needs change, these agreements and plans can be amended to make sure they are meeting your needs.

Meet Our Staff

Services in your plan will be provided by a Personal Service Worker who will be assigned to get to know you and your family. Our workers are thoroughly screened for criminal backgrounds through the Illinois State police, hold certification in first aid and CPR, and are thoroughly trained through a combination of at least 40 hours of classroom training and 80 hours of on-the-job training. Cornerstone’s Personal Service Workers are supervised by experienced clinical staff on an ongoing basis, and their performance is regularly evaluated by agency management.

We recognize that your relationship with your Personal Service Worker is paramount, so we provide an orientation opportunity where you can get to know the proposed Personal Service Worker and have the flexibility to choose whether or not you want to work with that person.

Service, Inc. of Illinois

Phone: 815-741-0800
Website: www.swgk.org

Contacting Us

If you are interested in exploring opportunities with us, you can give us a call. Contact information is at the end of this document. However, please understand that all formal relationships with Cornerstone must be initiated by your local Independent Service Coordination (ISC) agency. For residents of Will and Kankakee counties, that will be Service, Inc. of Illinois. Staff members there can fill you in on the requirements for formally requesting home-based services from Cornerstone and help get the process rolling.